Palo Alto Green Energy (PAGE) is the citizens' group that organized the initiative to put Measure E on the November 8, 2011 ballot. The measure won by 64.62%, with an unprecedented turnout for an off-year election. Measure E made available 10 acres of the former City landfill for a green-energy-and-compost facility. 

The focus of PAGE has now shifted to assuring that the City Council members heed the intent of the voters and move forward with the project. In 2012 that involves maintaining the local composting center and moving forward with the engineering and planning to establish the green energy facility.

Please join us in asking the City should move forward expeditiously with a comprehensive plan to accomplish the objectives of Measure E – local, sustainable green energy production and organic waste management.

Now we ask for your review and endorsement of guiding principles that PAGE will keep in front of City Council as they take these important next steps.

Measure E has repurposed these 10 acres of the dump for a 
state-of-the-art renewable energy and composting facility.