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Moving Forward with Green Energy in Palo Alto!

On November 8, 2011 Palo Altans approved Measure E with 65% of the vote.  Measure E made available 10 acres of the former City landfill for a green-energy-and-compost facility. Please join us in asking the City to move forward expeditiously with a comprehensive plan to accomplish the objectives of Measure E – local, sustainable,  green-energy production and organic waste management.

Add your name at the right, and join us in our belief that Palo Alto should:

1) Handle all of Palo Alto's organic waste locally

Organic waste includes Palo Alto's residentially and commercially-generated food scraps, yard trimmings and sewage sludge. These organics should be collected and processed in our community and used to generate clean energy and produce soil amendments to the greatest extent possible.

2) Move forward with a local green energy project 

The climate crisis and financial downturn demand action now, not in decades. Measure E’s mandate supports substantive next steps without delay. Offsite options with long-distance hauling should no longer be studied.

3) Maintain our existing local composting operation

We should continue our current composting operation and integrate it into the long-term green energy facility. This carries forward the Blue Ribbon Task Force recommendation, keeps our agency permits in place, saves hundreds of thousands of vehicle-trip miles per year, and continues our local compost give-away.

4) Shut down the incinerator as soon as possible

Replace the sewage sludge incinerator with a green energy facility.  The incinerator is the largest energy consumer and the largest greenhouse gas emitter in Palo Alto.  It emits toxic air pollutants and squanders a potential green energy resource.

5) Conduct a balanced and objective economic analysis

Any economic analysis should be framed using the project's 30-year anticipated lifetime, and not be distracted by a narrow focus on first year costs where the ultimate advantages of a green energy project are hidden.

6) Decide not to charge rent

Other significant facilities, such as the airport and the Regional Water Quality Control Plant, do not pay rent. Measure E dedicated the 10 acres for energy and compost. Charging rent is not required and would only result in transferring money from the Refuse Fund to the General Fund, at the expense of ratepayers who are already experiencing major price increases.

7) Seize the opportunity to educate

Conversion of organic waste into green energy and compost will continue Palo Alto’s leadership in addressing climate change and zero waste, serve as a model for other communities, and provide important educational opportunities.

We are committed to ensuring that Palo Alto fulfills the promise of Measure E – we will process our organic waste locally in a manner that benefits our economy and the environment.

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