Maps & Images

This map shows the site of the site for the biologic conversion facility (about 10 acres) adjacent to the sewage plant (to the right of the property), and the relatively large balance of the Palo Alto Landfill (or Byxbee Park).

This photo shows the current site of the anaerobic digestion facility. The land is highly disturbed, and is adjacent to the sewage treatment plant shown in the background.

Dry Anaerobic Digestion Facilities

This map shows the locations of some of the existing dry anaerobic digestors (the type similar to what is proposed for Palo Alto).  Click the icons for pictures and descriptions of each facility (in progress).  There are at least four companies that manufacture and install (and sometimes operate) dry anaerobic digestion facilities:  Dranco (Belgium), Kompogas (Switzerland), Valorga (France), and Bekon (Germany).  Over the past two decades, 84 full-scale municipal-scale facilities have gone into operation in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Korea, Austria, Japan, Italy, China, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Canada.  No facilities are operating in the U.S. because until recently, it has simply been cheaper to landfill our waste, regardless of environmental concerns.   That is now changing, and the economics are particularly compelling for Palo Alto (see link).